Just incase you are not already convinced about our Teatox, despite the fact that we have an amazing product, world class fast customer service and send out your products the same day you order it…then go ahead and answer yourself some questions you may have by reading the stuff below :)

We ship off all orders the same business day (if you order before 3pm Melbourne time we will ship it same day- guaranteed).

If you are in Australia you can expect to get your order within 2-5 business days.

US & Canada- We have an LA Office, please purchase from our USA website us.byronbody.com

Rest of world- 3-10 business days (Depending on Post Office work loads) Please purchase from our international website int.byronbody.com

If you’re too excited to start your life changing Byron Body Teatox, we offer express service within Australia that should see you get the tea the next business day.

n top of making you feel amazing, less bloated, giving you a better nights sleep, giving you more energy, making your hair shiny and smooth and get you on date with Ryan Gosling*, the Byron Body teatox will above all help you lose weight.

The only way that you won’t lose weight while on our teatox is if you start eating more than you did before. But that shouldn’t happen because the tea also has a natural appetite suppressant effect.

*Has been shown to increase Ryan Gosling dateability

Yes, our tea is 100% all natural and sourced from premium tea fields. At Byron Body, quality and authenticity is what we stand for. Our tea has been tested and recommended by multiple Australian Nutritionists. Its not a laxative tea, which ensures your body maintains its nutrients levels.

The tea is made from all natural organic ingredients that aid weight loss and suppress appetite Unlike other teatoxes that rely on laxatives to make you lose water weight, african mango tea actually helps you lose fat by boosting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite, and helps maintain muscle with the almost magical effects of african mango

As to how it actually does this. That’s our secret ;)


The vast majority of our lovelies see results within the first 4 days. Every body is different, so it may take 7-10 days for some people to see results. This all depends on your previous diet and exercise routine as well as the genetic lottery that we all entered.

Ours actually WORKS!

We’re the only company that offers a no bullshit money back guarantee. You don’t even have to pay to send the product back. The reason why we’re so confident that you wont ask for your money back is because our product actually works.

On top of the fact that it works, it actually tastes amazing, to the point that we have plenty of return customers who have reached their goal weight that drink it just for the taste and have to add TABLESPOONS of sugar so they don’t get too skinny.

You need to drink the tea 3 times per day, each one 30 minutes before a meal. Thats it.
All the time. You’ll hate us for only telling you to drink it 3 times a day.
You can only buy our lovely tea in our lovely online store. We don’t let anyone else distribute it because we want to make sure the tea is being stored and cared for properly.
We offer paypal checkout. That means if you have a paypal account, you can just log in and pay. If you don’t have a paypal account, you can just use your credit card. All major credit cards are accepted
You get the tea that will change your life. With that life changing tea you will also get an instruction flyer that reminds you to take the life changing tea 3 times a day 30 minutes before your meals.
It tastes as good as Ryan Gosling looks. The tea tastes amazing.
Tea doesn’t go off to the point of being unsafe to drink. But you should try keep it as fresh as possible for the best taste/effect. To do that, just make sure you keep the tea sealed and away from excessive moisture and sunlight.

For your own sake make sure you follow the instructions. The tea will work. However, if you are the one in a million special unique snowflake that your grandma always said you were and the tea somehow doesn’t work for you even though you followed all the complicated instructions (drink 3 times per day, 30 minutes before meals), that sucks. BUT if you send us an email, we’d be happy to give you a full refund.

We do recommend you give it to a friend instead, they’ll get great results from it.

NO. You shouldn’t get any side effects from our tea. If you do get some, something isn’t right and you should see a doctor and stop drinking the tea. Most likely the ‘side-effect’ isn’t from our tea, it’s from something else, but just to be on the safe side, stop drinking the tea (I know its hard to stop, its delicious)
No it won't.

You shouldn’t.


Because we haven’t tested it on pregnant or breastfeeding women.

You should be able to. Speak to your doctor to make sure.
You shouldn’t. You can if you really try though.
Yes, but as you get skinnier your goal weight will also decrease #bodyimageproblems
You should be able to. Speak to your doctor to make sure.
Yes, you can drink it forever. We do recommend people take a 1 week break every 4 weeks just so they can appreciate the withdrawal symptoms from not getting to taste our delicious tea 3 times a day.
No gluten, we believe in healthy bellies.
100% money back. You can still keep the tea and give it to a friend. We’re not scumbags.
Trace amounts like every tea, not enough to be considered caffeinated.
No laxatives. laxatives are dangerous and people that sell them as weight loss aids should be made to sit on a pineapple.




Check out our 14 day TeaTox here. All jokes aside, our customer surveys show that 90% of our customers see results and will recommend to a friend. We have sold to over 60 countries!